2904, 2019

OC Family May 2019 Issue – A Fresh Take on Education

Women, mothers in particular, don’t get much credit for their roles as pioneers — people who break ground in arts or sciences or stand their ground when it comes to protecting and helping the underprivileged or underrepresented. But California has its share of these role models: Julia Morgan, the state’s first female architect and designer of Hearst Castle; Clara Shortridge Foltz, the state’s first female attorney who raised five children mostly as a single mother and who championed voting rights for women, the idea of [...]

1801, 2018

San Clemente Lifestyle January 2018 Issue – Teaching Financial Well-Being to Children

Many parents struggle with teaching their children to save, to spend, and to use money as a form of helping others. Some families believe that an allowance is earned through household duties, while other families believe that an allowance should be given regardless of duties. Whatever a family’s personal choice is, the responsibility of what to do with money is as great of a lesson as how children can earn it. Research indicates that children as young as age three can begin to understand the [...]

101, 2018

South of The Pier January 2018 Issue – Teach CODING to Children

Currently there is a huge demand for schools to be teaching coding to young children. Programming literacy is an incredibly important skill that all children today will need to know.  According to research, 90 percent of parents in the U.S. want their children to learn computer science—it will be crucial for many jobs in the near future—but only 40 percent of schools teach it. Experts argue that parents of every student in every school, at every level, should demand that all students be taught how [...]

110, 2017

Talega Life October 2017 Issue – Health Consequences Near Highways

New findings by UCLA and the California Air Resources Board show that harmful pollutants from cars and trucks can drift more than a mile and a half from Southern California freeways, suggesting that air pollution’s effects could be more widespread than previously thought. According to a recent study by The Keck School of Medicine at USC, children who lived or attended school within approximately a third of a mile to a highway, since age ten, had substantial deficits in lung function by the age of [...]

103, 2017

Talega Life March 2017 Issue – Spring Time Service for Families

Spring break will be coming up soon and many parents are wondering what to do with their children during this week long time off of school. Both working families and families with one parent at home have a variety of options to teach their children real world learning and service during this valuable time together. Volunteering in the community has is a powerful approach to teaching with authentic learning experiences. Children often see the connections to what they learn in academic content to real-world context. [...]

101, 2017

Talega Life January 2017 Issue – Raising a Resilient Child

Raising resilient children is every parent’s goal. There are over 100 parenting books that focus on the topic. We all want our children to bounce back from adversity, stay strong under pressure, make good decisions when no one is looking, and be their own problem-solver. Resilient children do not do everything on their own, rather, they know how to ask for help and are able to problem-solve their next steps. A parent’s job isn’t to be there all the time for their kids, our job [...]

112, 2016

Talega Life December 2016 Issue – The Gift of Boredom

It has become the norm in Southern California for children to be over scheduled and have very little down time and an opportunity to be bored. Childhood experts assert that children need time to be bored so they can develop their innate ability to be creative and reflective. Children that are constantly active risk the delay developing their imagination and the ability to self-regulate their emotions. Out of boredom children learn to engage parts of their brain in creative development such as inventing new games, [...]

111, 2016

Talega Life November 2016 Issue – Emotional Literacy

Every parent and child enjoys the special moments connecting over a favorite book. Children often ask for the same title to be read over and over, delighting in each page as if it was the first time hearing the tale. Parenting experts and psychologists agree that this practice is important for family bonding and for learning hidden messages within the tales of childhood literature. Haley Goldberg, LMFT and owner of The Heart of Connection, suggest that parents need to supplement their well-known children books with [...]

109, 2016

Talega Life September 2016 Issue – The Importance of Play

Stuart Brown, M.D, author of Play: how it shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul, asserts that play is an essential component of success for both adults and children; noting that the majority of Silicon Valley corporations include ping-pongs tables, slides instead of stairs, and game rooms. Corporate human resource departments have found that more opportunities for employees to play equate to better innovation, greater wellness, and an increase in productivity. With an increased emphasis on play in the corporate sector, play [...]

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.
–Albert Einstein