Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten

The Transitional Kindergarten Program serves children between ages four and five. This program is designed to be a preparation for children who are ready to go to kindergarten upon completion; or children can be on a two-year program, allowing the gift of time before kindergarten (also known as transitional kindergarten). If your child misses the September 1st cut-off for kindergarten, they will be on our two-year track for this program. This program is taught by credentialed teachers with special training in early-childhood, Handwriting Without Tears, and STEM practices.

During this phase of development, children are making the connections between their world and how they can affect it. They are blossoming into young inquisitive learners who delight in responsibilities and goals. Emphasis in this class is on developing emotional, social, creative, physical and intellectual goals.

Research shows the lasting benefits of intellectual goals are better predictors of later academic success.  Intellectual goals include reasoning, analyzing, predicting, questioning, creativity, and a range of moral sensibilities. These are similar to academic goals which include more concrete skills such as knowing the days of the week, the calendar, writing words and memorizing facts. Preparing students for first grade and a joy of learning requires a balance of skills, including: intellectual, academic, creative, social and emotional.

The Kindergarten program is for children who are five years in age. Both transitional kindergarten and kindergarten engage students in literacy, writing, science, artistic expression, math and engineering, through hands-on exploration and play. Concepts are experienced, played with and integrated into the minds of young learners. We emphasize the importance of children understanding and recognizing the purpose in what they do, create, and learn. Students conduct experiments in our outdoor laboratory, the tinker-lab, and express their newly found skills in their own creative way. Documentation of projects and learning is captured by the children using photos and video from classroom ipads, those images are sent to parents by their child using our Kaymbu Technology program.  This increases students connection to home and demonstrates their ability to share and discuss what they are creating and learning.

Children explore and work in large groups, small groups, and independently of one another through a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities.

Children learn to write and explore literacy skills through The Handwriting Without Tears® program. This curriculum draws from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory tools and strategies. Following research that demonstrates children learn more effectively by actively doing, our classroom materials address all styles of learning.

There are two classes for the transitional kindergarten program. Parents can choose from morning or afternoon sessions:

  • The morning program begins at 8:30 and ends at 12:30; with extended day options available until 5:30.
  • The second session begins at 1:00 and ends at 4:00.

Kindergarten is a full-day program (8:30 through 2:30) with extended day options available until 5:30.

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